Kex Hostel.

December 3, 2013
Reykjavik, Iceland

Kex hostel is located in Reykjavik Iceland with a variety of dorms and rooms for up to 138 guests along with a variety of amenities. The interior design is furnished with salvaged materials and found objects from various places and this is where Arctic Plank came in.

Högni Stefán Þorgeirsson, founder of Arctic Plank, had seen sketches of the intended flooring for Kex hostel. Högni saw this as the perfect opportunity for the first flooring made solely out of recycled wooden pallets. The owners of Kex hostel liked the idea so much that they abandoned their original plans and went with the flooring from Arctic Plank.
The concept of wooden pallet hardwood flooring from Arctic Plank and the concept of Kex hostel turned out to be a perfect match.